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Ylse: Season 2

Episode 1

Series Drama & Genre (Romance, Soaps)
[ 6:51 - from Blip ]
Adult Language

Ylse brings something new to the web series game. It's bilingual. The first episode of the second season is available in three formats. There's a version with English subtitles, a version with Spanish subtitles and a version with no subtitles at all. The series is fast-paced and well-organized, allowing you to follow the action even when characters are speaking a language you don't understand. 

Eric Mortensen

eGuider: Eric Mortensen
Director of Content Development, 

Building on prior experience in art, technology and digital media, Eric Mortensen joined in 2006 as the Director of Content Development, where he oversees discovery of and interaction with new media content creators. As a founder of the pioneering social bookmarking site,, a prolific blogger and the co-founder of Digital Dissonance — a digital music collaboration created in 1994 and pre-dating the commercial Internet — Mortensen has spent more than fourteen years as a social media innovator and expert. After studying Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, Mortensen held various positions in both old and new media as musician, web designer, data analyst and technology consultant. He is married and lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

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I'll be the first to say something: Thank you Eric for the review!!! Glad you enjoyed our show:)) -Ruth Livier (Ylse, Executive Producer)

RLivier  |  Tue. Sep. 29, 2009 10:08 PM  | 
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