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The Axis of 4 Awesome Chords

Music (Music Profiles), Viral (Mashup)
[ 5:12 - from YouTube ]

This video shows that there is a finite number of chord combinations musicians can piece together to make a good beat. What's particularly interesting about the video here is as you listen to the different well-known songs, your ear will instinctively "hear" and recognize each of the songs as the correct one for those chords...until you move on to the next one.

Danny Groner

eGuider: Danny Groner
Freelance Writer and Web Maven

Danny Groner has spent several years working in the fields of media, journalism and publishing. Most recently, he served as the Assistant Managing Editor of the Beacon, a monthly newspaper based out of suburban Maryland. For some of his feature writing, he won two national awards. Daniel now resides in New York - where he went to college at Yeshiva University - and has learned elements of online media at He specializes in writing about people, events, ideas and the world we live in.

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Love this video. gotta go tune up my old Ovation! thanks. great site!

Sethie D  |  Thu. Mar. 19, 2009 12:04 AM  | 
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