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Evil Ford Ka

Other Gems (Advertisements), Viral (Viral ads)
[ 0:23 - from YouTube ]

The brilliance isn't the ad but was the whole newsworthiness of creating an ad that was too dicey for television. The smart companies use television to drive their web, not the other way around. This Ford ad created quite a controversy because in another ad, the Ka beheads a cat. Not funny, but heads, including the cat's, did roll. 

Todd Greene

eGuider: Todd Greene
CEO, HeadBlade

Ten years ago, Todd Greene had an idea for an invention, $200,000, and a dream to solve a problem and perhaps even a stigma for men who lose their hair. He created the HeadBlade that works ergonomically in the users hand to get the best shave possible for one’s head. But the “inside job” he did for men who ventured uncertainly into the world of headshaving is his biggest contribution. You might say Todd was at the forefront, along with Michael Jordan and Telly Savalas a generation before, of asserting “Bald is Beautiful!” Now a $10 million company in annual sales revenues, the device that started it all has been named a TIME magazine “Best Invention” and the HeadBlade is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Not bad for a guy with “a dollar and a dream”. 

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